Random Quote of Takemoto Yuta (Honey and Clover dorama (2008))


"Crying from the pain of aspiring something, and crying for having nothing to aspire; I wonder which is more difficult."

"Everyone was running desperately, aiming for something. They were stretching their hands towards something which was invisible to the eye. Even if there was no goal there, even if they had realized that their hand couldn't reach it, they were still moving towards it with all they had. But, I wonder what I was doing. I was just staring, and I didn't even try to stretch my hand out. I was scared of the result, and couldn't take a single step forward. I was jealously watching the paths that everyone found with effort. By saying that I was different fr everyone else, I was making excuse to myself. I was just affraid of being hurt."

"If there is no map, you won't know where to go. I tought you chose where to go after you've seen the map. But, that was wrong. I am not lost because I don't have a map. I don't have a purpose."

Yeah...and I'm still here. Watching this stupid melodrama (for the 3rd time)...And this drama makes me realize that I'm going nowhere. Still struggling to figure out what I really want. What I really wanted to be. Something that I would chase with all I have.

 I don't need motivation speech nor condolence phrases. I just have to figure it out myself, what the reason of my existence. That I'm not just random result of nature. 

Maybe I don't have to think about it. Even after all this contemplation, my life won't change that easily. 

"Human do not change much from a simple journey"

Maybe someday it will just randomly peep out.

"I don't know what will be at the end of this journey. There might be nothing. I still thought that was okay. But for now, I was going to move forward. That's how I thought."

Okay!Lets watch another dorama :)

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